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Since I’ve been back from Sturgis I have been asked quite a few times for the link to my Official Merchandise page.  

So here you go…  All the profits from my merchandise sales are going toward paying my past due medical bills and forward to my reconstructive surgery, medical care, medical assistance and the time I will have to take off of work during that phase.

Though at a later date I will do a fundraising page, at this time, I’m doing my best to sell my own merchandise and some of my wardrobe from past shoots while waiting for Medi-Cal to finish screwing up paperwork so I can get my needle biopsy.

And with that in mind, yes, buy merchandise now…  donate toward fundraising later…  and PLEASE STOP with medical or fundraising advice at this time.  I’m handling things the best I can, have a plan and am working hard at things.  The last thing I really need right now is to repeat myself and have the same conversation OVER AND OVER with every single person in my life for them to discover that I am doing the best I can with what I have and 99% of the “advice” I’ve been given.  I have done.  I have executed without flaw.  And I’m in the next stage of “waiting.”

Thank you very much for the concern and love.  And again, either buy some merchandise or wait until I get the next medical procedure when I begin my fundraising drive.



FYI…  I leave Friday to Sturgis to begin set-up for the duration of the rally.

I will not be posting on here for the duration.  I will probably post photos on Instagram while I am gone.  So if you want to keep up with me, follow me on there.

Also, the merchandise store is closed until I get back.

Hope to see you all when I get back.


Here is a new edited clip of TC/TNT shooting with Danger Ninja Productions wearing a Kissin’ Bombs Design vest.


So I will be closing my online store for the duration of my time in Sturgis, SD.

If you are one of those who were talking of placing an order this month, please do so before Wednesday July 23rd because I’m shipping the last bit of it out on Thursday July 24th before I leave on Friday July 25th.

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